CPFAN Minutes, January 30, 2020

City Park Friends and Neighbors

Board Meeting

January 30, 2020


The informal CPFAN January board meeting with the existing board members and members-to-be took place at the home of Georgia Garnsey at 6:30 pm. Those in attendance were: Stephen Eppler, Hank Bootz, Jacqueline Victor, Keith Loftin, Lisa Culhane, Sandy Robnett, Fred Bender, Judy Barker and Herb Teitlebaum.


After introductions, attendees went around the table to discuss our various visions for City Park. Fred spoke about his wish to see more flower beds of high quality in City Park. He hopes to see more philanthropic efforts directed to City Park as well as to other city venues and causes. He believes gardening clubs could be activated to take part in CPFAN’s activities through competitions, volunteers and possible funding. Herb talked about the benefits to organizations like CPFAN of 501(c)3 status. He mentioned the burgeoning cannabis industry as possible funders for City Park projects. Herb also talked about the concept of building on transformative issues that can create coalitions, like Federico Peῆa’s “Imagine a great city†narrative.


Lisa talked about her interest in the Olmsted vision for parks. She also cares about environmental issues and would like to see more xeriscaping and the use of native plants in City Park and parks in general. Ensuring equitable access to parks and making sure that all of the public feels welcomed to the city’s parks is another important issue to Lisa. Sandy wonders why extra fundraising is necessary for parks when taxpayers voted for the 3A initiative. She asks where her tax dollars are going. Sandy would like to see more accountability.


Jacqueline voiced her concerns about the microwave radiation emitted from cell towers and the dangers of 5G networks to human health. Keith’s particular City Park issue is the DeBoer Canyon and Waterway. He would like to see the historic area restored and water running through it.


Hank, Steve and Georgia listened. Their brilliant ideas will emerge at future meetings, we will hope!


Everyone was urged to attend the February 4 program at Messiah Community Church featuring Denver Botanic Gardens’ Senior Curator, Panayoti Kelaidis. Kelaidis’ presentation will feature “Saco DeBoer and the Visionaries Who Shaped Our Colorado Garden Philosophy.â€


There will be regular board meeting in March and the date is to be announced.